1-2-1 Coaching

OYOP Coaches offer a unique understanding of how our paradigms and thinking habits impact on how we experience our ‘quality-of-life’.  If you find a particular aspect of life problematic and would like some assistance in making positive progress, please get in touch.  

If you think you are simply interested to find out how to get more out of life or further improve your mental fitness contact us.  



Scroll down for testimonies from past coachees.  

“I am stable and capable individual evidenced through my 67-day solo kayak circumnavigation of Mainland Britain (2012).

During the secondary placement phase of my teacher training, my confidence was deeply undermined and I experience a significant stress event.

In only 30 minutes of OYOP coaching, I became grounded, my confidence was rebuilt and I recommitted to my own professional development.”

Joe Leach | Endurance Adventurer and Trainee Geography Teacher


“The pressures and responsibility of work, the pace of life and the continual problem solving was having a significantly detrimental impact on how I was viewing life and the world around me. A one-hour personal OYOP coaching session with Ashley totally changed my perspective. I felt instantly more grounded, I remembered the things that are truly important, like family and people who really need our help, and was able to quickly tune in to the benefits of his positive approaches and reflect these in my communications with others. If this is what a one-hour session can do, then sign me up for a lifetime.”

Jo Beighton | Ofsted Inspector


"I have been working with Tom for approximately 2 years now both through group training courses and individual coaching sessions. These sessions have undoubtedly improved me and my team’s performance and changed us into a forward thinking productive team.
Key improvements include:

  1. Step change in my personal confidence and self-belief
  2. A new team dynamic focussed on productivity and delivery, not allowing ‘white noise’ distractions to get in the way of business objectives
  3. Ability to see things from other people’s perspective enabling more productive business to business conversations

I am now far more confident in Business to Business negotiations and as a result have won a number of new contracts.  From a management perspective I have been able to create an environment and set strategic direction for my team which has enabled them to function more effectively than before."

Nick Lake | Head of Financial Consultancy, Legal and General


“I’ve had a 10 year coaching arrangement with Ashley Bookman.  It has brought about a complete step change in my behaviour and approach.  Significant changes have been achieved:

  1. Rational, grounded decision-making
  2. Strategies to avoid time consuming organisational politics
  3. Personal self-confidence

As a manager I am better at setting vision and direction and in giving feedback both to productive and underperforming employees.  My own ability to respond to feedback has also risen significantly, this has beneficial results both for my personal performance and the functioning of my team.”

Andy Elkington | Group Sales & Marketing Director, Police Mutual


“It took just two OYOP coaching sessions and my first OYOP workshop to alleviate the anxiety I had felt consistently for 6 years.  I used the OYOP practices and now feel happier and more confident in both my professional and personal life.  I now have well-set short-term goals and clear direction for my future.”


Cristina |Tennis Coach